Blueberry Sauce

I know by now you must all think I’ve been beaten senseless with a blueberry branch for all the time I’ve been devoting to these tasty little buggers lately.

I have plumb gone off the berry deep end, it’s plain to see.

But I’ll tell you a little secret and I hope it doesn’t get me in a heap o’ trouble… (come closer…,closer…, that’s it, I’m whispering, you see – shh!) : I know people who know stuff, and blueberries AREN’T going to be on special next week, so we’ll be chatting about something else instead when the new ad comes out!

Best Ever Blueberry Coffee Cake

I brought this coffee cake as part of a hostess gift. I love to make this cake when fresh blueberries are on sale, but it could of course be made with frozen berries in the dead of winter. Speaking of freezing, I’ve doubled the recipe and frozen one for a rainy day; I’ve made it in round cake pans, loaf pans, and muffin tins too, with no trouble. You’ll be a welcome overnight guest wherever you go if you take this coffeecake along, or try it out on guests of your own!

Dessert on the Cheap: Blueberry Crumble

To better celebrate the Fourth of July, today I am going to share with you a recipe for one of the most frugal, yet insanely delicious summer desserts ever. Especially frugal when you consider that I just found out we have blueberries on sale this week, 4 pints for $5.00.