Monkey Bread

If you’ve been around the blog for a while you will recognize this recipe — I posted it for the first time a year ago this week. I’m putting it out here once again because it got rave reviews from sooooo many people (I’m talking like, at least five or so, maybe more). I know I’ve got a hit on my hands when people are emailing, or Facebooking, or telling me in person by shouting out the car window in the pickup queue at school how much they like a recipe. And I’d be lying through my teeth if I said I didn’t downright live for those sorts of moments.

Featured, Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous | November 22nd, 2011

Cinnamon Swirl Bread

Disclaimer: Homemade Cinnamon Swirl Bread is a highly addictive and habit forming substance, whose aroma and consumption may cause intense feelings of comfort, warmth, and coziness. HCSB may result in a strong urge to purchase flour, sugar, and butter in bulk. Users who over-indulge in HCSB may experience profoundly disastrous kitchens, dishpan hands, and a wardrobe made entirely of lycra and spandex.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I’m on my third batch in six days. I can’t seem to keep enough butter in the house, and I’m scouting six-slot toasters online.

Featured, Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous | January 21st, 2011