Chicken Tortilla Stack

You know by now that I have somewhat of a taco obsession. I would eat them two or three or seven times a week if I had my druthers, and if I didn’t think the DamFam would rise up in some sort of Ortega-fueled rebellion. Since I have no desire for that sort of scenario to play out around my kitchen table, I find ways get a taco fix without serving actual tacos by sneakily swapping in tostadas, salads, burrito bowls, quesadillas, and the like.

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Cobb Salad Pitas

Today I have a sandwich idea that’s the perfect way to get the main course salad concept past your little kids or your teenagers. Maybe you know someone like NTYB who, when he hears we’re having salad for dinner, gets very ornery because he 1). is “a growing teenage boy, mom” and 2). wants to (cough) “bulk up” for cross country season (what?). I laugh because, have you met NTYB? He weighs approximately 105 lbs. soaking wet. So when we have salad for dinner I usually try to make it into something a little more substantial, lest my teenagers waste away before my eyes. Tonight we had these yummy Cobb Salad Pitas with a big pile of crispy roasted redskin potatoes and thick wedges of watermelon. It was the perfect summer meal.

We have somewhat of a Sunday tradition around here.  I call it somewhat of a tradition because it doesn’t happen very often — but it’s the tradition where like, at around 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon I state loudly to anyone who’s listening that I don’t feel like cooking dinner.  The Husband (who always seems to be within earshot when I make this announcement) says Read more

Chicken & Black Bean Quesadillas

Wanna make something that’s quick, easy and completely delicious? I mean, I’m assuming you do – that’s probably why you’ve come here today. People don’t frequent this blog for gardening guidance or fashion tips. You’re here because you’re looking for dinnertime inspiration, and you guys know I love to dish it out.

Barbecued Chicken Pizza & Foolproof Poached Chicken Breasts

I’m still on my mini pizza kick. What better little obsession is there to have, really? I guess there’s always fitness. And diligent flossing. Or never skipping a healthy breakfast. All good and useful routines to develop and embrace, and each one is less expensive than the hardcore proclivities like designer shoe shopping, fancy French truffles or Beluga caviar. Pizza and fitness. They go hand in hand.

Spicy Chicken and Bok Choy Noodle Bowls

The DamFam is playing a super fun game of Pass the Cold in which No Thank You Boy and I are currently “it.” So even though I just posted a chicken-y something last week, here’s another one since I can’t seem to work enough chicken soup into my diet lately. Besides, I have it on good authority that FFF readers adore chicken dishes, and I aim to please. So, here you go. This one is Asian-inspired and spicy and the perfect thing for unplugging a stuffed up head.

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Chicken and Dumplings

You wouldn’t believe how difficult it was for me to wrestle back enough of this meal from the DamFam so I could accomplish picture taking today. This recipe is always a hit here, so I should have expected they would all be circling the stove like the sharks they are. Luckily, I was able to hoard this meager little helping, which was handed over to my sweet next door neighbor Fred, who just a little while ago helped me out of a major jam with my sump pump. The jam was that said pump decided to not work this morning and the alarm’s ear piercing shriek was putting a major damper on my blog writing capabilities. And incidentally, the basement was about to flood. Enter Fred, who not only helps moms bring new babies into the world every day, but also has the ability to diagnose household plumbing issues from 10 paces. He saved the day (as well as NTYB’s Xbox 360) and was thereby rewarded with Chicken & Dumplings. Thank you Fred, are the best. : )

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Chicken Chili

The Holidays were great going down, but personally, I’m glad to have them behind us (with “behind” being the operative word). I don’t think I ever mentioned it here, but like lots of people, my resolution last New Year’s Eve was to drop a few LBs. I probably didn’t say anything here because I was afraid of failing in front of all my readers. But actually (gasp!), I didn’t fail. It took about six months but I lost a little chunk of weight and two sizes, and a year from where I started, it’s still off. Okay, one or two might have found their way back on in recent weeks, but I will be dealing with them in short order.

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Chicken Marsala

Another cross country season is well under way, and it never ceases to amaze (and confuse) me that all three DamKids share the freakish desire to pound their feet into the pavement every day after school, and most Saturday mornings, too. With all the running and training they do, it really isn’t any small wonder that they become rabid carb’ivores for a nearly four-month period every fall. It’s also no great surprise that by 8:20 every night they’re all either incredibly crabby or nearly falling over in a comatose state. If you’ve got student athletes, you know what I’m talking about.

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Grilled Dixie Chicken

I’m getting a houseful of company tomorrow. Haven’t had houseguests in a long time so I’m totally up for it, believe it or not. However, I don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen prepping dinner in time for their late afternoon arrival. There are tons of groceries to buy and sheets to change and if you could see my floors right now you’d surely notice there’s enough black fur floating around to build another DamDog, I swear. Housework will trump cooking time tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean I’m punting on the dinner menu (say you know me better than that!). This recipe will fool them all into thinking I spent the afternoon slaving away on a delicious, company-worthy main course when actually I was busy scrubbing blobs of blue toothpaste out of my girl’s sinks.