Iced Chocolate Drop Cookies

I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes allow certain household chores to slide a wee bit. Like, once in a while I go a day without making the punk’s beds. And on occasion, I’ve had to re-run a load of laundry because I’ve left it sit in the washer too long. Y’know, harmless stuff like that. I don’t let these trivial little things bother me much. But there’s one thing in particular that drives me absolutely crazy that I never ever let slack, and that’s allowing my cake stand to sit empty for more than an afternoon. Doesn’t happen. This morning after packing the Pickle’s cold lunch, the cake stand was devoid of cookies, and I had to fix that, stat.

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Enjoy Sendik's All Week

Here are two great kid friendly, mom approved recipe suggestions to help you if you’re fretting over what to make your own Dam’Fam for dinner this week.  The third recipe, Double Chocolate Biscotti, is one of my favorite cookies.  Nearly all of the ingredients are on sale, so this is the perfect time to stock Read more

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Triple Chocolate Muffins & Two Shout Outs

The first shout out goes to all my ‘Loser friends at the Mequon Sendik’s … BIGGEST LOSER, of course! The participants at the Mequon store won the Sendik’s Biggest Loser challenge. Woot, woot! This recipe is for all of you Losers everywhere – keep it up! Mequon girls (ahem, you know who you are), don’t go celebrating over slices of cheesecake — make some of these muffins instead — you won’t believe they’re light. They’re rich and chocolatey and I have my kids fooled into thinking they’re cupcakes.

Molten Brownie Pudding

I have no frugal dinner suggestion to speak of today.

Because the nightly news, the DJIA, and the Brewers have me feeling like the apocalypse is drawing near.

Because I feel like planet earth is about to implode in an earthquaking, oil-slicked, Icelandic-volcano-ash-plumed ball of flames.

Sweet Nothings: Guilt Free vs. Guilt-y!

This morning I’m hanging out at home with two of my punks who are off of school for the long weekend. One of them will probably sleep until noon and the other is already wide awake, munching on Cheerios and playing on the computer. As for myself, I’m doing my best to avoid crummy chores such as folding laundry, making beds, and scraping blue toothpaste out of bathroom sinks. I’ve headed into the kitchen to see what kind of housework diversion I can cook up!

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Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Forget about Toll House, they’re old hat! You’ve got to try these amazing cookies, they’re the hands down favorite of the whole DamFam!
Now, I’m not that much in to sweets – I like ‘em okay, but I’d much prefer salty snacks to their sugary counterparts. But these cookies are a serious guilty pleasure of mine. When they’re hanging around, staring me down from their spot on the cooling rack, lookin’ all innocent and whatnot, I simply cannot be held responsible for my actions. That’s why I made up a system to keep myself honest. I make up a huge recipe of dough, and divide it into thirds. I bake a small batch of cookies for my twerps, then freeze the remaining dough for a rainy day.

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One For The Lunchbox

Oh, the joys of brown-bagging it. Even though the food selections have gotten much better now that my daughter’s in middle school, she is still not much of a hot lunch fan. When pressed (like when our fridge is void of deli meat and the pantry holds no bread), she’ll grudgingly settle for the cafeteria’s salad bar.

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