Holiday Floral Arrangements Just Posted

Nothing brightens up the holiday season more than flowers. Check out our floral department page to see some example floral arrangements that are perfect for your holiday festivities. Contact your nearest Sendik’s Food Market location to order your centerpiece and other holiday arrangements today!

General | December 6th, 2010

Holiday Decorating For Dummies

Here’s a holiday confession.

I’m no good at gardening of any sort. No lie. The flower pots at our entryway and on our patio are consistently a pathetic disgrace from year to year – spring, summer, fall and naturally, winter too. I’m tired of being a hack in the gardening department, you must believe me. But the sad truth is, and it pains me to say this but… I have absolutely no interest in gardening! Zero, zip, NADA!

Featured, General | November 25th, 2009