"Rough Around the Edges" Sugar Cookies & Enjoy Sendik's All Week

I’m feeling a little rough around the edges this morning, and I’ll tell you why:  NTYB totaled his car yesterday afternoon.  Like, destroyed it.  And amazingly, he’s fine.  No one else was involved, and he’s extremely lucky to have walked away from the wreckage unscathed.  We’re making arrangements to junk poor Little Blue (the dearly departed Civic), Read more

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Seven Layer Bars

So, you probably won’t even believe that it’s come around again so quickly, but holy smokes, everyone — it’s National Chocolate Week. Who knew? This crazy celebration catches me off guard every gosh darned year. This morning I found myself under the gun to whip up something chocolate-y before the hullabaloo came and went without being paid its proper respects. Seven Layer Bars are cooling for the cakestand as we speak.

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Iced Chocolate Drop Cookies

I’ll be the first to admit that I sometimes allow certain household chores to slide a wee bit. Like, once in a while I go a day without making the punk’s beds. And on occasion, I’ve had to re-run a load of laundry because I’ve left it sit in the washer too long. Y’know, harmless stuff like that. I don’t let these trivial little things bother me much. But there’s one thing in particular that drives me absolutely crazy that I never ever let slack, and that’s allowing my cake stand to sit empty for more than an afternoon. Doesn’t happen. This morning after packing the Pickle’s cold lunch, the cake stand was devoid of cookies, and I had to fix that, stat.

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Enjoy Sendik's All Week

Here are two great kid friendly, mom approved recipe suggestions to help you if you’re fretting over what to make your own Dam’Fam for dinner this week.  The third recipe, Double Chocolate Biscotti, is one of my favorite cookies.  Nearly all of the ingredients are on sale, so this is the perfect time to stock Read more

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The Best Peanut Butter Cookie You Will Ever Eat

That’s a big claim, but it’s true — these cookies are amazing. You need them in your life.

Also it’s Peanut Butter Day, and the peanut butter people would be totally fired up if you chose to celebrate with them.

When it comes to food, there’s always something to celebrate.

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Lighter than a Snowflake: Peppermint Meringues

Oh my heavenly stars…can you even believe I made these with my own two hands (and my KitchenAid mixer)? I don’t mean to blow my own horn but aren’t they puuurty? Why, they might just be the purtiest dang thing I ever did create. And you, my friends can make them too. Don’t say you can’t — yes, you can. Because one: they’re totally easy, and two: can’t is not your middle name.

Featured, Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous | December 6th, 2011

The Best Peanut Butter Cookies You Will Ever Have…Period

These days, the only time I make an exception to my ‘smooth peanut butter only’ rule is when I make these amazing cookies. Chunky peanut butter was on sale last week, and this week the other key ingredient, roasted salted peanuts, are on special. If you’ve got Super Chunk fans at your house, these cookies will knock ‘em dead!

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Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Forget about Toll House, they’re old hat! You’ve got to try these amazing cookies, they’re the hands down favorite of the whole DamFam!
Now, I’m not that much in to sweets – I like ‘em okay, but I’d much prefer salty snacks to their sugary counterparts. But these cookies are a serious guilty pleasure of mine. When they’re hanging around, staring me down from their spot on the cooling rack, lookin’ all innocent and whatnot, I simply cannot be held responsible for my actions. That’s why I made up a system to keep myself honest. I make up a huge recipe of dough, and divide it into thirds. I bake a small batch of cookies for my twerps, then freeze the remaining dough for a rainy day.

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