Summer Corn Chowder

I know you’re thinking I’m completely out of my tree to be sharing soup here today. I don’t blame you (what loon craves soup when it’s 86 degrees?) — but for some reason this chowder spoke to me, as recipes often do. It said “make me for dinner, you won’t be sorry”. So I did, and I’m not. And you won’t be sorry when you make it either.

The corn right now is pennies an ear but best of all, it’s sweet and delicious. I served this last night with whole wheat baguette and slices of watermelon on the side. Even for a hot soup, it was the perfect summer meal. I hope you like it too. : )

A Friendly Shopping Tip, From Me To You…

Oh my heck. Oh my HECK. OH…MY…HECK! Please, please – I implore you: get in your car right now. Or on your banana seat bicycle, electric motor scooter, or roller skates, and make a beeline for your nearest Sendik’s seafood department — especially if you’re hungry and you love shrimp, sweet corn, and basil….these outstanding shrimp cakes are on sale this week, and I can promise you: they will knock your flipflops off!

Blackened Red Snapper with Edamame Succotash

I won’t take up much of your time today, folks, ‘cause it’s Friday and I’m just dying to get out to the lake! Besides, my brother is here from out of town for the weekend, and I need to tend to my hostessing duties.

Before I tell you about the Blackened Snapper, I have to share this funny story.

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Celebrate The Heat: Grilled Seafood Dinner

I’m going to play along with the heat and humidity by whipping up this simple and light grilled seafood supper for the DamFam tonight. [More…] This meal is ideal for a day like this; there is very little prep work involved, practically NO dirty dishes, and I won’t even have to fire up the oven

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Shrimp Cakes

This is one of the craziest, busiest, and most hectic weeks of summer we’ve had so far — I guess to make up for the peace and quiet I enjoyed while both of our girlies were away at camp last week. Well, the party’s over, as they say.

After a week-long hiatus, I’ve resumed my roll as the official DamFam taxi driver, laundress, short order cook, maid, and referee, and my ‘to-do’ list is spiraling out of control.

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