Keema Beef Curry

Good-bye, December. Good-bye month of binge eating and drinking and sleeping too little and partying too much and committing random acts of embarrassing behavior in front of neighbors and friends (don’t ask). Hello, January! Hello fresh beginnings and shiny new resolutions just itching to be broken. My short list: get to the gym more than once a week. Eat less. Drink fewer cocktails. Be nicer. Part ways with the 80’s once and for all. Have more patience. Eat more healthily, and I will …..

Featured, Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous | January 3rd, 2012

Shrimp Curry with Spinach

I did something so stupid yesterday. I made my grocery list and went to the Store, where I filled my cart with the appropriate produce required for this dish. When got to the seafood counter, I realized that I had miss-read the sale ad – the shrimp I actually needed for this recipe were not the ones that were on sale. DOH! I ended paying $15.00 – not exactly in keeping with the frugal theme of this ‘here blog.

Featured, Fresh, Frugal, Fabulous | November 10th, 2009