Grilled Shrimp with Jalapeno – Garlic Vinaigrette

If summer’s heat ever comes back in full force, this is what you should make to celebrate its return. I made these for dinner at the lake this past weekend when it was pouring and we were bundled up in jeans and sweatshirts and what I really felt like making was meatloaf and mashed potatoes — but I had all of these ingredients on hand and decided to forge ahead with a summer menu anyway. It’s summer, darn it! Let’s eat some summer food.

Barbecued Cheddar Burgers

No Thank You Boy returned yesterday from two weeks in China. While he was away I heard from him one (that’s ONE, as in a singular instance) time and when I did it was a one (again, ONE) sentence email in which he briefly stated that there were creepy crawlies in his hotel room but that he didn’t care because all of the Chinese girls thought he was Justin Bieber. Frankly, I don’t see the resemblance, but oh well … I had a laugh and so did he. Now he’s home and hungry for American food and (SURPRISE!) his mom’s home cooking. He said he missed milk, cheese (“I just really want some cheeeeeeeeeeeese, Mom”) and chocolate. So last night, I made these cheddar burgers in his honor.

Vietnamese Pork Tenderloin

Memorial Day was kind of a bust as far as the weather went, wasn’t it? Too bad. Too chilly and damp to have any fun at the lake on Monday, although my girls are crazy and decided it wasn’t too cold to go tubing both Saturday and Sunday. The husband was happy to pull them around (he’s also crazy). They had the entire lake to themselves because no one else had the desire to die from hypothermia over summer’s first holiday weekend. Good grief. With goose bumps, blue lips and chattering teeth, they asked for hot chocolate afterward (uh, hello – who keeps such an ingredient at a summer cottage?) but had to settle for hot showers instead. At least they have a story to tell.

Ginger-Soy Grilled Steak

Oh my gosh, here’s a post for any and all bargain-hunting carnivores: I’ve got one for you today. A really good one. And even though I almost just burned my house down (no lie) by broiling the steak that’s in the photo above, I am still like, mega excited to tell you about this recipe. However due to the recent pyrotechnics in the oven, my entire house now smells like an Outback Steakhouse, so let’s just get on with this so that I can get on with the small matter of airing out the joint.

Grilled Dixie Chicken

I’m getting a houseful of company tomorrow. Haven’t had houseguests in a long time so I’m totally up for it, believe it or not. However, I don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen prepping dinner in time for their late afternoon arrival. There are tons of groceries to buy and sheets to change and if you could see my floors right now you’d surely notice there’s enough black fur floating around to build another DamDog, I swear. Housework will trump cooking time tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean I’m punting on the dinner menu (say you know me better than that!). This recipe will fool them all into thinking I spent the afternoon slaving away on a delicious, company-worthy main course when actually I was busy scrubbing blobs of blue toothpaste out of my girl’s sinks.

Favorite Baby Back Ribs

The husband and I went to dinner at another couple’s house this past Friday night. We had brats on the grill and they were fabulous – my first brat of the season in fact, yum. Our hostess (we’ll call her ‘A.G.’) mentioned grilling anything more complicated than basic burgers and brats (like ribs, for instance) sends her into a total tiz. She said she has never and would never attempt ribs because she is convinced she would wreck them and not do it right and spend a lot of money on an inedible disaster. Well that’s a bunch of hooey, said I. Total and complete baloney. I’ve got the perfect recipe for foolproof ribs, and here you have it. Anyone can make them …. anyone!

Sesame Beef and Scallion Skewers

I’m constantly on the lookout for great grilling ideas. Easy ones. I don’t get in to the whole “let’s soak mesquite chips then build a dual cooking hi temp / low temp charcoal fire and smoke a twenty pound brisket for five hours” scene. When it comes to that type of grilling, I fully admit that I’m fighting outside my weight class. You’ve probably noticed by now I’m pretty much all about simple, uncomplicated, family-friendly, fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants recipes, and when it comes to grilling, I don’t really make any exceptions. Some would call me stubborn annnnnnnd …. I would have to agree.

Can I just keep it real for a moment and tell you that when it came to making this chicken recipe, I was the big jerk last night. First of all, grilling is not my forte. I can handle your basic burger, flank steak, and even fish … but when it comes to chicken, I’m usually an epic failure, as was the case last night. Second of all, though I fully recognize that I’m a terrible chicken griller, that didn’t stop me from chatting on the phone, updating my Facebook status and correcting math homework when all the while, dinner was morphing into a carncinogenic nightmare out on the patio.

Grilled Sirloin Steaks with Blue Cheese Walnut Butter

A question posed on Sendik’s Facebook page this morning was “My favorite spring-time food is _____.” As I write this there are 12 responses; seven out of 12 respondees filled in their blanks with asparagus. My answer was “anything with grill marks.” If you like to get your grill on, here’s a great recipe for dressed up grilled sirloin, asparagus on the side.

You might recognize this recipe — if you’ve been reading this blog for more than two years, that is — and by now you know I wouldn’t hit you with a re-run if it wasn’t something I really, really liked. It was absolutely my intention to share a new recipe today. But I stumbled upon this one and I couldn’t resist making it again!

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