Pork Shoulder Tacos

In case you’re just sitting around, pondering what to make for dinner next Monday night (and who doesn’t ponder a meal that’s almost a week away?), I’ve got your main course covered. Yes, indeed I do. Here’s what needs to happen: sometime this coming Sunday, you’re either going to go yourself or send an able-bodied shopper who lives with you to the nearest Sendik’s. That’s where Pork Shoulder Roasts will be on sale for $1.99 a pound. ONE DOLLAR AND NINETY NINE CENTS A POUND. Apologies for the shouty caps but I really just want to drive the point home: you will be able to make these fantastic tacos with a pork roast that’ll run you roughly six bucks and change. Maybe seven if you want a little extra.

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Apple Crisp Muffins

It took me a month or so of agonizing and painful withdrawal, but I am finally over the sad and sorry fact that cherries have gone out of season. I recognize that there are worse things in life to be hooked on (Breaking Bad, anyone?), but I seriously had a four pound per week Hood River Cherry thing going there for a while this summer. Four pounds a week might be a conservative estimate, actually. I was pretty bummed by the onset of fall when the cherries disappeared for good until next July.

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Chicken & Black Bean Quesadillas

Wanna make something that’s quick, easy and completely delicious? I mean, I’m assuming you do – that’s probably why you’ve come here today. People don’t frequent this blog for gardening guidance or fashion tips. You’re here because you’re looking for dinnertime inspiration, and you guys know I love to dish it out.

Barbecued Chicken Pizza & Foolproof Poached Chicken Breasts

I’m still on my mini pizza kick. What better little obsession is there to have, really? I guess there’s always fitness. And diligent flossing. Or never skipping a healthy breakfast. All good and useful routines to develop and embrace, and each one is less expensive than the hardcore proclivities like designer shoe shopping, fancy French truffles or Beluga caviar. Pizza and fitness. They go hand in hand.

Seven Layer Bars

So, you probably won’t even believe that it’s come around again so quickly, but holy smokes, everyone — it’s National Chocolate Week. Who knew? This crazy celebration catches me off guard every gosh darned year. This morning I found myself under the gun to whip up something chocolate-y before the hullabaloo came and went without being paid its proper respects. Seven Layer Bars are cooling for the cakestand as we speak.

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Crispy Tilapia Sandwich

It’s time once again for the sale we’ve all been waiting for. The perfect mid-winter pick-me-up and no, I’m not talking about the semi-annual shoe clearance at Nordstrom, (although that’s a good one too). “Seven Days, Seven Ways to Save” has returned to your favorite Balistreri Sendik’s, where there will be some awesome deals in store (pun intended, my apologies) every day of the week throughout the duration of the sale.

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Easy Stromboli

I got this idea from a friend who doesn’t really like to cook, so there’s not really a precise recipe here today — more like just a short list of good quality ingredients you gather up and layer together then roll tightly and bake and magically, this melty and delicious loaf of yumminess will appear in your oven 25 minutes later. Not bad for a weeknight, eh? Not bad for a homemade dinner compiled from a visit to Sendik’s deli. And not a bad idea at all to serve one or two of these babies while you’re watching the Super Bowl on Sunday night.

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Enjoy Sendik's All Week!

Here are three great, kid-tested, mother-approved recipes to help get you through the first week of school and the first real deal, real live, real season Packer game on Sunday.  I have both a carnivorous option and a veggie suggestion — either awesome sandwich is the perfect answer to any school night or football watching menu question.  The third Read more

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