Iceberg Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

I’m here to cheer for a bit of a salad bar underdog today. While it’s not glamorous or trendy and its nutritional content has come into question, there’s a time and place for iceberg lettuce in every cook’s repertoire, and I have the perfect salad recipe for you today. Fellow food snobs, drop your guard along with me — serve this pretty wedge as a pre-cursor to a decadent lobster dinner this weekend. Grill guys and girls, this salad would be equally excellent and absolutely appropriate alongside a gooey burger or thick, juicy steak at your Memorial Day cookout.

Enjoy Sendik's All Week: Lettuce Wraps Two Ways

Lettuce wraps are one of those rare dinners that actually pleases whole DamFam. They’re fun to eat, a little messy, and healthy all at the same time. I have two different kid-tested, mother-approved versions for you today; one has been buried in the blog archive for quite a while, and the other is a recipe I simply cannot even believe I’ve never shared here before, especially since it’s high on the list of The DamFam Top Ten. Either one you choose to make would be perfect for a busy weeknight.

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Chinese Lettuce Wraps

Poor iceberg lettuce.

It’s like the Wonder Bread of the produce department, isn’t it? The red-headed stepchild? Seriously, I don’t know of a single self-respecting foodie who would ever serve it at her dinner table. Something about it just screams “1978”, when all our mothers served us salads of iceberg lettuce and Wishbone dressing, ala Carol Brady.

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Cobb Salad with Herbs & Sherry Vinaigrette

I’m an absolute fool for a good Cobb Salad, which is what I decided to make tonight. Light and fresh, they’re the perfect warm weather dinner. I adore them so much in fact, that I ate a Cobb Salad from the North Shore Bistro every single week for the full nine months that I was pregnant with my third kiddo.

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