No exaggeration, you’re looking at the most delicious recipe I’ve indulged in since summer began. I first made it for an appetizer at the lake, but I love it so much that I’ve been keeping it in the fridge just to have for lunch or a quick snack. The Pickle is hooked on it, too. Our favorite way to eat it is standing at the kitchen counter, scooping it up with saltines right out of the sleeve, and passing the Valentina sauce back and forth between us. Classy.

My diet has been somewhat off the rails throughout the past several weeks.  A few of the unhealthy habits that I ditched when I started my weight loss campaign 18 months ago have crept their way back in. Likewise, some of the healthier rules I’ve developed have left on summer holiday.  Admittedly, math was never my gift but I Read more

We have somewhat of a Sunday tradition around here.  I call it somewhat of a tradition because it doesn’t happen very often — but it’s the tradition where like, at around 3:00 on a Sunday afternoon I state loudly to anyone who’s listening that I don’t feel like cooking dinner.  The Husband (who always seems to be within earshot when I make this announcement) says Read more

Browned Butter Gnocchi with Broccoli & Pine Nuts

The Holidays slayed my dishwasher. Actually, its death was a result of a combination of different events …. but I’m not going to tell you what they were because it’s too embarrassing. But anyway, here I sit with dishpan hands and ragged cuticles, not so patiently waiting at the mercy of the installer as he takes his sweet time delivering my brand new magical pot-scrubbing machine, scheduled to take place some time this coming Saturday. Which is five days from now. So, long story short, I’ve been looking for recipes that don’t require messing up too many pots and pans these days. This recipe is just the thing; it’s simple, it’s fast, and it hardly dirties any pans. Minimal chopping, minimal cleanup. But best of all, it’s unbelievably yummy and kids love it.

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Mango Sorbet

I’ve had a slight issue of late with my ice cream maker. And the issue is that I cannot seem to stop finding excuses to use it. In the past oh, about ten days or so, I’ve made four different flavors: chocolate gelato (both milk and dark; milk was better), cookies and cream (a great use for those stale Oreos I had thanks to people in my house who cannot seem to figure out how to properly seal packaging), and a fantastic mint chocolate chip. Mint chocolate chip was the absolute, hands down, bombdigity. I’m not even that big of a sweets fan, but I swear, I could not tear myself away from that stuff. Amazing.

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Cashew Sweet and Sour Pork

The weirdest thing just happened at my house. In the kitchen. If you’ve been here a while, you know that No Thank You Boy (one’a my kids), has a long history with not enjoying my cooking. As I write this, I have a wok filled with Cashew Sweet and Sour Pork sitting behind me on my cooktop. I turned around a few minutes ago and totally busted NTYB eating huge forkfulls of the stuff right out of the wok. Not just little wimpy nibbles either. I mean, like, stuffing his face. As you can imagine, I nearly fell over in a state of complete and utter disbelief. So picky eaters out there, this one just might be for you. : )

Chinese Chicken Legs

Last Thursday, I — along with the rest of the jiggly New Year’s resolutioners — found myself in the super-unfortunate and un-fun spot of waiting for cardio equipment at the gym. Those of us who took four (*ahem*) six weeks off from our workouts during the holiday season had at last come to our senses and turned up for our turn on the treadmill. If we thought we were going to be greeted with open arms by those hard bodied witches, I mean, dedicated souls, who had been attending their spin and cardio and yoga sessions all along and without fail throughout the month of December, we were sadly mistaken.

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Chili-Corn Chip "Pie"

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m cooking my way through the October issue of Cooking Light – and last night we had this chili-corn chip “pie” thingy. I’m not sure why they called it a ‘pie’, it’s nothing like a pie at all…kinda weird. What it’s supposed to be is a healthier version of a “walking taco” – which is (for those who are a long time removed from the grade school hot lunch program), a meaty chili mixture spooned inside a mini bag of Fritos, then topped with cheese and sour cream and smushed around and eaten out of the bag with a plastic sp’ork.

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Sesame Crusted Tuna with Wasabi Ponzu Sauce

I hope I’m not the only one who feels like summer has done a number on her diet. As much as I hate to see the beginning of a new school year, I do welcome a fresh routine and the chance to get back to somewhat normal eating restraints. For me this means and end to sneaking fries and popcorn chicken off my kid’s plates at the pool, and fewer s’mores washed down with beers around the bonfire. It was all sooooo good going down, wasn’t it?!

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Herbed Chicken Salad Sandwiches

Cooking Light has a great piece on summer sandwiches in the August issue. I want to try all of them. In fact … you know that movie, Julie & Julia? Where the food blogger makes and blogs about each of the 524 recipes in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking? Well, I’m gonna make all those sandwich recipes. That’s right, all five of them! Here’s the first.