Foolproof Plan for Mother's Day

Dads out there, today’s blog is for YOU and your crew. This is the moment for you and your able-bodied crew to shine. To show Mom how you can band together and treat her to the best homemade Mother’s Day dinner EVER! I’ve planned a super easy and delicious menu for you guys to prepare on Sunday. You’ll get the glory of being King of the Grill, the kids will get to help out, and Moms everywhere will thank me that the kitchen didn’t get completely trashed in the process. You can’t go wrong!

A Mother's Day Haiku for Dads

Mother’s Day is near
We moms will need the day off

My 4th grader’s yearlong poetry study at school has inspired me to write a Mother’s Day Haiku. I did attempt to compose a sonnet, but my poetic skills are lacking, as you can tell! I had some fun writing a few limericks – they cannot be repeated here, this being a family blog and all … but I did have a giggle or two in the poetic process.