Cobb Salad Pitas

Today I have a sandwich idea that’s the perfect way to get the main course salad concept past your little kids or your teenagers. Maybe you know someone like NTYB who, when he hears we’re having salad for dinner, gets very ornery because he 1). is “a growing teenage boy, mom” and 2). wants to (cough) “bulk up” for cross country season (what?). I laugh because, have you met NTYB? He weighs approximately 105 lbs. soaking wet. So when we have salad for dinner I usually try to make it into something a little more substantial, lest my teenagers waste away before my eyes. Tonight we had these yummy Cobb Salad Pitas with a big pile of crispy roasted redskin potatoes and thick wedges of watermelon. It was the perfect summer meal.

Iceberg Wedge Salad with Blue Cheese Dressing

I’m here to cheer for a bit of a salad bar underdog today. While it’s not glamorous or trendy and its nutritional content has come into question, there’s a time and place for iceberg lettuce in every cook’s repertoire, and I have the perfect salad recipe for you today. Fellow food snobs, drop your guard along with me — serve this pretty wedge as a pre-cursor to a decadent lobster dinner this weekend. Grill guys and girls, this salad would be equally excellent and absolutely appropriate alongside a gooey burger or thick, juicy steak at your Memorial Day cookout.

Layered Taco Salad

A conversation that my mom friends and I often seem to have is the one where we’re always shocked and incredulous over how much food teenage boys can shove in their faces. And how we aren’t convinced they actually even taste what they eat half the time. And how we all grocery shop multiple times during any given week yet somehow there’s NEVER ANY FOOD IN THE HOUSE. Combine the voracious hunger from fall sports practice with the midnight munchies that will soon (if they haven’t already) come from studying in to the wee hours, and the cabinet and fridge had better be stocked. No one wants to witness the Tazmanian Devil-child coming up empty after a late night kitchen raid … not me, anyway.

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Tomato Basil Pasta Salad

It’s one of those weeks where every bloomin’ thing in our house has decided to need attention all at once. A headlamp has blown in my car. A mystery puddle has formed beneath the spare freezer in the garage. A trail of ants is marching happily toward a Honey Nut Cheerio on the kitchen floor – and although my oven died yesterday, it somehow continues to find the strength to emit a high pitched BEEEEP every now and then, just to let me know of its distress. Oh, I’ll tell you what. I have a baaaaad feeling in the pit of me’ wallet.

Italian Chopped Salad

I feel almost embarrassed to tell you about this salad today, because it’s so versatile that it’s practically not even a recipe. But because I think like a food blogger and not a normal person, I feel compelled to chat about it anyhow. Five (count ’em, five!) of the main ingredients are on sale, so it would practically be like withholding information for me not to speak about it.

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BLT, for Two!

Two of my punks are already back in school, leaving the Pickle at home with me to enjoy one last week of summer. We knew we needed some sustenance before we struck out on a quest for the perfect pair of jeggings (a middle-schooler’s must have, I’ve been told), so we rummaged through the fridge, and this is what we concocted: a BLT for Two salad! Hot diggety dog, is it good! Beware the bacon croutons, however – they’re addictive — we almost ate the whole batch before the salad was ready to serve.

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Falafel In Pita & Tomato Cucumber Salad

I was feeling quite adventuresome and tried a new recipe last night – new for me anyway. Since NTYB is off clobbering a zillion balls at tennis camp, I decided to make a meal that he would never in a million years ingest or enjoy: falafel, my friends. An irresistible Israeli concoction of smashed chickpeas, onions and cilantro – served in warm pita, with a creamy yogurt sauce. NTYB repellant for sure.

Bibb Salad with Basil Green Goddess Dressing

Here’s the Amazing (with a capital A!) salad dressing recipe I promised you earlier this weekend. It’s fan-flipping-tabulous! I’m pretty sure it’s the best dressing I know how to make! AND, all of the main ingredients in the above photo are ON SALE!! Woohoo!!!

The Way to a Father's Heart…

……is through fiscal responsibility. This week’s sale ad features ribeye steaks, crab legs, and jumbo prawns. Delightful. Delicious. Delovely, for sure. But even at their sale price, they’re some pricey menu items. The father of my children would not appreciate a meal of such extravagance at this particular moment in time, I can guarantee you that right now……oh yes, I certainly can.

Compose Yourself

I’ve been about the farthest thing from composed today. In fact, I’ve been…I’ve been…well, I’ve been (and remain) a blithering ninny. Going about my day with tissue wad in hand and sobbing at the drop of a hat, I’ve bent the ear of any friend (or stranger) who has regrettably (for them) hazarded a guess at the reason for my bloodshot eyes and tearstained cheeks.

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