Ginger-Soy Grilled Steak

Oh my gosh, here’s a post for any and all bargain-hunting carnivores: I’ve got one for you today. A really good one. And even though I almost just burned my house down (no lie) by broiling the steak that’s in the photo above, I am still like, mega excited to tell you about this recipe. However due to the recent pyrotechnics in the oven, my entire house now smells like an Outback Steakhouse, so let’s just get on with this so that I can get on with the small matter of airing out the joint.

Grilled Sirloin Steaks with Blue Cheese Walnut Butter

A question posed on Sendik’s Facebook page this morning was “My favorite spring-time food is _____.” As I write this there are 12 responses; seven out of 12 respondees filled in their blanks with asparagus. My answer was “anything with grill marks.” If you like to get your grill on, here’s a great recipe for dressed up grilled sirloin, asparagus on the side.

Steak Baguettes with Pesto Mayo

Summer Sandwich Challenge, Round 3: my favorite one yet! There are so many things I love about this sandwich, I hardly know where to start. I didn’t think it would be possible to beat my usual steak sandwich — this one comes pretty close though. I’m gonna call a tie.

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Chili Rubbed Flank Steak

The Shrimp Quesadilla post I proposed for today has been temporarily hi-jacked by the grumpy opinionated teenager known here as No Thank You Boy. NTYB expressed his displeasure with the quesadilla plan by exercising his right to filibuster all the way to home from school yesterday. I told him I would only allow a dinner plan veto if he could suggest an alternate bill (menu) that was equally delicious and, in the interest of fiscal responsibility, also use sale ingredients.

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Thai-Style Beef Noodle Bowls

Gosh, I hate being sidelined. This morning, after I got the kiddos off to school, fired 50 tennis balls to the DamDog, and cleaned up the breakfast aftermath, I grabbed a cup of coffee, fired up the laptop, and as usual, cruised the current sale ad for dinner inspiration. I do so wish I had it in me to hobble to the store then play in the kitchen all day, but alas, it’s not to be. Gotta chill. Literally. The foot is elevated and resting comfortably on a ziplock bag full o’ ice.

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