Pork Shoulder Tacos

In case you’re just sitting around, pondering what to make for dinner next Monday night (and who doesn’t ponder a meal that’s almost a week away?), I’ve got your main course covered. Yes, indeed I do. Here’s what needs to happen: sometime this coming Sunday, you’re either going to go yourself or send an able-bodied shopper who lives with you to the nearest Sendik’s. That’s where Pork Shoulder Roasts will be on sale for $1.99 a pound. ONE DOLLAR AND NINETY NINE CENTS A POUND. Apologies for the shouty caps but I really just want to drive the point home: you will be able to make these fantastic tacos with a pork roast that’ll run you roughly six bucks and change. Maybe seven if you want a little extra.

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The Original Seven Days, Seven Ways to Save Sale is back, and there’s good news all around. To kick it off, I’ve got two of my all-time favorite recipes to share with you today. Both of them are easy like Sunday morning. Both are perfect for a family dinner and perfectly suited for serving to guests. And trust me here, because I am an accomplished grocery shopper, each one is easy on the pocketbook.

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Baja Fish Tacos with Southwestern Slaw

Crazy end of the school year stuff ruled my life yesterday, and before I knew it, it was 4:10 and I had absolutely no idea what we were going to have for dinner. Usually I know what I’m making by around 9am, but there were wacky errands to run and a messy house to contend with and a workout to fit in and dinner just wasn’t part of my grand plan.

Sloppy Jose's

Seven super-short school days to go before summer vacation begins, and the countdown is on! Is it just me, or does it seem like there’s a LOT to cram in before next Wednesday arrives?! We’ve gotta get our kids through field day, picnics and class trips; help ’em wrap up last minute projects and study for final exams; attend music programs, graduations, dances, and carpool to a seemingly endless string of parties…the list goes on and on. You probably have a few fabulous functions of your own that I haven’t mentioned. Go ahead and pile ’em on. We’re moms. We can deal.

Chili Rubbed Flank Steak

The Shrimp Quesadilla post I proposed for today has been temporarily hi-jacked by the grumpy opinionated teenager known here as No Thank You Boy. NTYB expressed his displeasure with the quesadilla plan by exercising his right to filibuster all the way to home from school yesterday. I told him I would only allow a dinner plan veto if he could suggest an alternate bill (menu) that was equally delicious and, in the interest of fiscal responsibility, also use sale ingredients.

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Poblano & Crimini Mushroom Tacos

You heard me right. Pepper and mushroom tacos.

Wait! Don’t run away. You have no idea what deliciousness you’ll be missing if you give up on this post based on the title. Please, hear me out – these are fantastic! I can nearly guarantee that by the end of this post, you’ll have these tacos on your brain for the rest of the afternoon.

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Beef Soft Tacos with Salsa

The Sendik’s Fall Extravaganza is in full swing I’m still brimming with delicious blogging inspiration! I couldn’t wait to tell you all about this fantastic recipe!

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Tilapia Tacos & A Fabulous Chipotle Taco Dip

The next time we have friends out, I’m going to make these terrific fish tacos. They’re perfect for entertaining; the preparation is simple, so I won’t have to spend the afternoon in the kitchen while our guests are hanging out on the sandbar.

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