Baked Zucchini Fries

I’m an absolute junkie when it comes to Pinterest. Not sure I’ve mentioned it here before, but I’m crazy about it. It’s a really, really fun way to kill time and learn to about cool stuff and there’s something for darned near everyone. Seriously … everyone. For instance, pretend for a second that you’re say … a basket weaving enthusiast. You adore all things basket woven – from hair braids to buttercream frosting, to hand knit blankets, or potholders, or throw rugs. Guess what? You can find each and every one of those basket woven things (and more, I checked) on Pinterest. It’s amazing. Truly.

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Panzanella Salad

Despite my feelings about raw tomatoes, this salad is one of my all time favorites. I could eat it for dinner all on its own, but I love it alongside grilled chicken or fish. It’s the perfect summer side dish, and a great way to use both the sale Romas and the Sendik’s Artisan Ciabatta Bread.

Asparagus with Wasabi Mayonnaise Dip

Because I think like a food blogger and not a normal person, I was having a little spazz attack over which recipe to discuss here today. But with the holiday weekend and opening day coming up, I thought everyone might appreciate a recipe that would be a lighter contrast to all the ham and chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, burgers, brats and beers we’ll all potentially consume.

I had a good mind to share Grandma Damron’s recipe for The Naughtiest Cheesy Potatoes on God’s Green Earth (which I’ve been threatening to do here for like, almost three years), and I came pretty close. But since no one actually strives to sport a jelly belly on Spring Break, the lighter option won out. This is one of my go-to appetizer recipes; I whip it up when I want to serve something gorgeous, semi-healthy and in a pinch. You should try it, too.

Cheesy Broccoli and Rice Casserole

A casserole — I know. Casseroles get a bad rap. Most of the casseroles I’ve encountered deserve it though. Canned soups, canned vegetables, processed cheeses — no wonder I look back on the 70’s and shudder — it wasn’t only because my mom dressed me in plaid pants and subjected me bowl haircuts on the kitchen table (I’m not bitter). Casseroles….they can damage you for a long time.

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Creamy Fettuccine with Ham & Vegetables

My youngest never met a rich food she didn’t like, so it’s no surprise she has a major thing for fettuccine alfredo. She orders it whenever she’s given the chance, and she begs me to make it at home – but last time I checked, real alfredo has like, 12 tablespoons of butter and two cups of whipping cream. No thanks. As you’ve probably noticed by now, we’re the health conscious sort around here (cough), so we don’t do heavy whipping cream too often.