There’s only one place to procure the finest meats, and that’s right here at home. All Sendik’s Brand beef, chicken, pork, lamb and veal you’ll find in our full-service meat case is born, raised and harvested right here in the United States. Quality like that deserves to be paired with good, old fashioned customer service, and our butchers provide just that. They’re happy to help recommend the right cut of meat for your family. 

Sendik’s Trusted Quality Beef

  • Always fresh, never frozen
  • Always raised and grazed humanely right here in the Midwest
  • Always from 100% vegetarian-fed cattle
  • Always free of artificial ingredients, hormones and steroids

Sendik's Trusted Quality Beef

Real Butchers You Can Trust

Real Butchers You Can Trust

Our Butchers’ Promise:

  • Cut fresh in store every day
  • Good, old fashioned customer service
  • Trimmed to your liking
  • 100% freshness guaranteed
  • Specialty meat items hand-crafted fresh in store

More about Sendik’s meat:

With a European heritage like Milwaukee’s, good homemade sausage is a must. Our sausage and brats are made fresh in house. We use only the finest ingredients, including hand-picked items from our best-in-class produce department, to ensure premium flavor.

In addition to traditional cuts, we also offer a host of conveniently prepared items made from a Sendik’s  signature recipe. Choose from items like asiago-stuffed chicken breasts or cranberry-and-walnut-stuffed pork chops. Yes, they are as good as they sound.

Sendik's Gourmet Burgers

Some of the guest favorites in our meat department include Sendik’s all natural chicken and pork. Both are fresh, never frozen, are 100% natural and contain no artificial ingredients, hormones or steroids. Additionally, our chicken is hand trimmed and recipe ready for whatever you are preparing for dinner. It’s the same chicken we use in our grilling kabobs, which are also made with the highest quality, hand cut vegetables.

Interested to know how long to keep a certain cut of meat in the refrigerator or the freezer? Sendik’s has you covered! Click here for a handy guide.

Sendik’s Beef:

The Midwest is America’s heartland. And strong, Midwestern values are what Sendik’s beef program is built on. A commitment to compassionate and humane treatment of animals. Access to lush pasture land for cattle to graze. Rigid food safety standards. A devotion to quality. Every cut of Sendik’s beef comes from cattle raised and grazed right here in the Midwest.

We’re particular about these values and selective about the beef we make available to our customers. Sendik’s Natural Beef is USDA Prime and USDA Choice graded beef from Black Angus cattle. The consistently tender and delicious taste of Black Angus beef make it the gold standard of beef, the standard you’ve come to expect from Sendik’s.

Sendik’s Natural:

Beef with the Sendik’s Natural label is guaranteed to be USDA Choice Black Angus. This beef comes from cows born and bred right here in the Midwest. From cows fed in lush pasture land and cared for by regional farmers, you can be certain that any label of Sendik’s beef is guaranteed quality.

Sendik’s Pasture Premium:

Sendik’s Pasture Premium beef is:

  • • 100% grass fed and grass finished.

  • • From cattle that are raised on open pastures

  • • Never administered antibiotics or growth hormones

  • • Agriculturally sustainable and environmentally friendly

  • • Born and raised in the USA by family farmers

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