Capital Brewery® Supper Club Beer 6-12 Oz. Glass Bottles

A Wisconsin state of mind. Not bad. Timelessly refreshing. Pour after four. You're on the road. It's late. A neon light up ahead blinks Supper Club. Pull in. Its time to reward yourself. This classic Wisconsin lager may look nostalgic, but the taste is timelessly refreshing. A Wisconsin state of mind. So stay a while and check out the specials. Capital Supper Club - this is where your parents met. Where inventions are scribbled on napkins. Where stop by any time means stop by any time. Supper Club is comfort beer for comfort food. So pass the relish tray and the church key. Supper's ready. Are you? America's no. 1 rated brewery (1998 Beverage Testing Institute's World Beer Championships in Chicago, IL). Capital Brewery was born March 14, 1984. After all these years, locals and other Midwest types definitely know our whereabouts. But for those of you still searching, we offer this handy-dandy map. Want to see our beer-making process? It's easy to schedule a tour for you and your guests. 5.0% alc/vol.