Lagunitas Beer, Ale, Undercover Investigation Shut Down 6 Ea

Limited release. OG 1.085l. I.B.U. 66.6. Say lah-goo-knee-tuss. We brewed this especially bitter ale in remembrance of the 2005 St. Patrick's Day Massacre - Petaluma, Calif; Chicago, Ill. And in celebration of our subsequent 20-day suspension in January of 2006 - Cheers! Beer speaks. People mumble. There is a symmetry to everything. Hot will always cool. Up always comes to down. Markets rise and crash. $2 per gallon then $4 per gallon then $2. First the right begets the left; then the left becomes the right; and then the right becomes the wrong all over again. Hop prices do soar and then just as surely crash and everyone cries except the brewer. Some drugs are legal (like alcohol) while others are forbidden. Some pleasures are embraced and are also forbidden. Ask the former NY Governor or PeeWee Herman. Saddam and Noreiga once got paychecks from the CIA? The King of Beers becomes another's brood mare. GM becomes Gee - Um. How many times have you heard an unusual word several times in one day. What is one day undercover - is the next day revealed - and then slunks back down where it came from again. The sun went down today and returns tomorrow as if for the first time. When governments are simple, people are simple. When governments are clever, people are clever. Earth mirrors heaven. There is a symmetry to everything. Cheers! Call us sometime! 707.769.4495. How'za bout trying one of our other beers!