Leinenkugel Craft Drink Wisconsinbly

A smooth, drinkable amber lager with a crisp, clean finish. Drink Winconsibly. Celebrate responsibly. Union made. Here's to you, Wisconsin. Around here, we don't just take life as it comes, we live it Wisconsibly. Our tailgates are livelier, our polka bands are louder, and our opinions on bratwurst are stronger. Fishing stories are funnier, bingo games are bawdier, and meat raffles are, well, meatier. and the beer, it's just better here. That special Dairyland magic is what we set out to capture when partnering with the Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing company to create our Wisconsin lager. They've been brewing beer in Chippewa Falls for over 150 years, so they understand our state, it's culture, and what it takes to make a beer specially for its people. So, here's to home. Drink Wisconsibly. Corn syrup is used as part of the brewing process only. Leinenkugel's never uses high fructose corn syrup. leinie.com. Facebook: facebook.com/leinenkugels. Twitter: (at)leinenkugels. Instagram: (at)leinenkugels. Facebook: facebook.com/drinkwisconsibly. Twitter: (at)drinkwi. Instagram: (at)drinkwisconsinbly. To join the Leinie lodge mailing list or order official Leinie's gear call: 888-LEINIES or visit leinie.com. Please recycle. 4.9% alc/vol. 9.8 Brewed in partnership with pride of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.