Revolution Freedom Sour Variety

A collection of 4 different session sours includes 3 cans per style. Freedom of Speech: Session sour ale with peaches. A soaring wave of lush ripe peach, elevated by a naturally tart finish. A thirst-quenching declaration for when you want to amplify your voice. Freedom of Expression: Session sour ale with strawberry & rhubarb. Soft strawberry and vivid rhubarb find unity in a juicy yet refreshing session. For those who strive, feel, and do. Freedom of Press: Session sour ale with currants. The dark, layered complexities of sweet, tart black currants unfold into balanced harmony. Get out there and spread the word. Freedom of Assembly: Session sour ale with blueberry & ginger flavor. Bursting berry sweetness gathers together with a thrum of vibrant ginger. Change is made by those who unite. Only 4.5% ABV.