Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Can

Pure ingredients. Finest quality. In 1980, we created an ale highlighting the bold flavors and piney-citrus aromas of whole-cone Cascade hops. Today, our all-natural, can-conditioned, Pale Ale opens up opportunities to taste craft in a new way, with the same quality and flavor you've come to expect. Where will you and your Pale Ale go? Est. 1980. Our new can-conditioned Pale Ale offers all new opportunities for Sierra Nevada beer. You can now take Pale Ale places it could never go before. Taste this all-American classic in a new way, with all the quality and flavor you've come to expect from the beer that helped launch the craft brewing renaissance. All Pale Ale cans are can-conditioned. We add living yeast to the can - which carbonates the beer naturally, protects against oxidation, and develops great flavors over time. Cans are 100% recyclable. Through recycling and re-use, Sierra Nevada is able to divert more than 99% of its waste from landfills. Cans are ideal for the outdoors. They're durable, portable and hold up well in backpacks, coolers, and rafts. 2011 Winner WRAP. Waste Reduction Awards Program. Brewed by Sierra Nevada Brewing Co., Chico, CA.