Stone Beer, Ruination IPA 6 Ea

Fan favorite return. Stone Ruination IPA: Throughout our history, we've built a (fairly deserved) reputation for being obsessed with massively hoppy IPAs. And the groundbreaking creation you have before you is largely responsible for what legacy. Did you know that Stone Ruination IPA was the first year-round, brewed-and-bottled West Coast Double IPA on the planet? True story. As the technology and techniques for maximizing hoppy goodness evolved over the years, so too did this beer. Yet we still look back fondly on the impression it left on the palates of many. As a tribute to its roots, we're bringing it back for a limited time in its original old school form - the quintessential representation of a West Coast Double IPA. Gargoyles are historically known as protectors against evil spirits. Since the beginning, our stone gargoyle has represented our ceaseless quest to create the most awesome beers imaginable. Think of the gargoyle as the big friend that's got your back. Ever vigilant, ever watchful, and ever your humble servant. A liquid poem to the glory of the hop! Please recycle.