Tres Agaves Strawberry Margarita Mix

Real lime. Real agave. Real easy. Just add Tres Agaves Tequila or your favorite rum! Ever heard someone say that a Margarita is a waste of good Tequila? We respectfully disagree! The Margarita is the world's most popular cocktail, and when made correctly it's the world's best cocktail. We think that a Margarita recipe should enhance the flavor of good Tequila, not hide it. That's why the world-class Tres Agaves Strawberry Margarita is made only with organic strawberry, organic lime juice, organic agave, and 100% agave Tequila. Uno, dos, tres: It's that simple. Natural Ingredients: Organic Lime; Organic agave; Organic strawberry. Organic lime juice, organic agave nectar, pure filtered water plus organic strawberry. These organic ingredients blend to create a perfect balance of sweet (nectar and strawberry) and sour (lime). Our lime and strawberry comes from the finest sun-ripened fruits and our agave is grown in Jalisco, Mexico. Jalisco's volcanic soil and pure freshwater springs create ideal conditions for agave, the world's purest source of natural plant sugar. We never use conventional sugar or corn syrup. 48% Juice. No alcohol. No high-fructose corn syrup. We use only organic lime, organic strawberry, and organic agave nectar in our Strawberry Margarita Mix. With just 68 calories per serving and 6 natural ingredients you are assured of enjoying a natural, great tasting, lower calorie Margarita.