Screamin' Sicilian Pizza

Screamin' Sicilian Pizza Co. Pizza, Italian Sausage 25.05 Oz

Gargantuan boulders of sausage. Real. Cook as directed. Covered with so many boulders of Italian sausage this boss rightfully owns its place at the top of the pizza food chain. Individually rolled, stone-fired medium crust with our secret recipe tomato sauce crafted from the finest tomatoes available then add in piles of mozzarella cheese and sausage for a leader rally cry. Our boss hog Italian sausage is pizza perfection! The boss, chief, number one; answers to none. Feels food, tastes good and when you're a pizza with heaping mounds, wait, gargantuan boulders, of Italian sausage, boss is even an understatement for the amount of toppings sitting high atop a stone-fired medium crust that is individually rolled, never pressed. Adorned with our rich & zesty secret-recipe tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese blended with grated parmesan and Romano cheeses, this boss is a leader who can rally the troops. Water & green. It's easy being red.