21st Century Fish Oil, 1200 Mg, Maximum Strength, Softgels

Dietary Supplement. Omega-3. Rich source of EPA & DHA. May reduce the risk of coronary heart disease (Supportive but not conclusive research shows that consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. One serving of 21st Century Fish Oil 1200 mg provides 360 mg total EPA, DHA, and other omega-3 fatty acids [see supplement facts for total fat and saturated fat content]. 21st Century Fish oil 1200 mg contains high quality molecularly distilled fish oil concentrate) (see side panel). Purified to eliminate mercury, PCBs & dioxins. No added sugar, salt, yeast, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Guaranteed quality - Laboratory tested. www.21stcenturyvitamins.com.