Clorox Fabric Sanitizer, Bleach-Free, Lavender Scent 14 Oz

Clorox™ Fabric Sanitizer Aerosol Spray is a bleach-free fabric sanitizer formulated to kill 99.9% of odor-causing bacteria that gets trapped in fabric’s fibers. This sanitizes and eliminates odors in clothing and linens in 30 seconds, making it ideal when your clothing needs a little refresh in between washes. Spray, sanitize and go, this lavender scented aerosol spray keeps your garments smelling fresh. Clorox™ Fabric Sanitizer Spray makes it convenient when you are on-the-go and need to rid your favorite clothes of the work-out stench, cooking odors and other everyday odors that cling to your fabrics. This powerful formula is safe for use on all color safe fabrics, and it requires no pre-treatment or post-rinse, so you can safely spray and go on with your day. Remove odors and freshen fabrics with Clorox™ Fabric Sanitizer Aerosol Spray and extend the time between your next wash.