Grain Berry Cereal, Cinnamon Frosted

Whole grain shredded wheat cereal. With onyx sorghum. Per 1 Cup Serving: 200 calories; 0 g sat fat (0% DV); 0 mg sodium (0% DV), 12 g sugars. Now more powerful antioxidants! Sun activated antioxidants. More free radical protection. More natural plant fiber. More sugar control. No added salt. Whole Grain: 16 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. See side and back panel for nutritional information. Coupons printed inside. First cereal to contain amazing onyx! We grow Onyx Sorghum in the West Texas sun. The darker it gets, the healthier it becomes. What is Onyx? All natural new sorghum grain developed by Texas A&M University, based on ancient black and hi-tannin sorghum varieties that, together in one plant, contain a more powerful combination of antioxidants that combat a whole spectrum of free radical threats to our bodies (see side panel for information). More comprehensive than many berries, fruits and vegetables. Onyx can also help slow sugar absorption in our gut with its unique composition and natural fiber that grows as the plant grows. What are free radicals? Free radicals are created by our bodies during digestion and metabolism and from such outside sources as UV light radiation, engine exhaust, second hand smoke, etc. Onyx has been lab tested and found to be effective against multiple free radical threats. Antioxidants job are to help block these free radical attacks. Is Grain Berry fiber more effective than other brands? Whole grain cereals like Grain Berry contain their own natural fiber, not added fiber from outside sources. In addition to whole grain oats and wheat, each Grain Berry Cereal contains whole grain Onyx. The combination of whole wheat and whole grain oats plus whole grain Onyx, provide a fiber balance of soluble and insoluble dietary fiber so very important to health. And don't forget the Grain Berry sugar story! Each Grain Berry Cereal contains less sugar than other brands. Plus our whole grain blend with Onyx sorghum can help slow the absorbance of sugar into the blood stream. Check out I'm proud to offer this delicious and remarkable cereal to you and your family! - Bob Harris, President, Grain Berry Hills. Grain Berry Cereals with amazing onyx. Sun-activated antioxidants! Imagine a new, natural whole grain that can fight a full spectrum of free radical attacks to our bodies! That's what Onyx provides, a unique combination of hi-tannin and sun-activated 3 Deoxy Anthocyanins, (3-D Antioxidants). These rare and powerful antioxidants are activated by the sun just before harvest. See how Onyx combats free radicals in the chart below: Onyx Lab Results: Hi-Tannins and Sun-Activated 3-D antioxidants help combat all 6 free radicals. Report of Laboratory Analysis for Onyx: Activity Against Peroxyl Radicals: 42,274 (umoleTE/100 g) whole grain; Activity Against Hydroxyl Radicals: 30,486 (umoleTE/100 g) whole grain; Activity Against Peroxynitrite: 1,331 (umoleTE/100 g) whole grain; Activity Against Superoxide Anion: 81,865 (umoleTE/100 g) whole grain; Activity Against Singlet Oxygen: 15,943 (umoleTE/100 g); Activity Against Hypochloride: 55,400 (umoleTE/100 g); Onyx Total Antioxidant Bio/Activity: 227,302 (umoleTE/100 g). Let's Talk Tannin Antioxidants: The dark coloring in many fruits, vegetables and other plants; such as red wine, blueberries, dark chocolate, etc., are due to tannin antioxidants. Recently, these tannin rich foods have been much in the news for their many health benefits. Onyx sorghum is one of the very best sources of tannins, (see Foods Rich in Tannins chart below); which is why it is the key ingredient in all our Grain Berry cereals, baking mixes and pastas. Tannin Rich Foods: Grain Berry cereal; tea; walnuts, almonds and nuts with skins; dark chocolate; cinnamon, clove and other spices; pomegranates, grapes and acai berries; quince; red beans. Visit to eat a whole range of natural antioxidants from foods, not just one miracle food. We suggest a balance of antioxidants and a diet high in dietary fiber. For recipes and more, visit us at