Loacker Quadratini Bite Size Lemon Wafer Cookies

Loacker Quadratini Lemon Bite Size Wafer Cookies. All natural. Lemon cream filled wafer cookies (74% cream). No artificial flavors and colorants, no preservatives. The Sciliar plateau, part of the Loacker logo, as seen from the factor of Auna di Sotto. Loacker, pure goodness! Since 1925, Loacker has been synonymous with delicious wafer and chocolate specialties. In the heart of the Alps, surrounded by the Dolomite mountains, the Loacker family selects the best and finest natural ingredients, and transforms these into pure goodness;, at an altitude of 3,000 feet where the air and water are fresh and pure. All natural ingredients guaranteed: No artificial flavours. No artificial colorants. No preservatives. No hydrogenated fats 74% filling. Real lemon juice used for the cream. No ingredients produced using biotechnology. Bite the crispy wafer, taste the delicious cream filling and enjoy! You will certainly want more than one. The handy, resealable bag allows you to have as many or as few tasty bites as you wish! Loacker, the difference is in the taste. Loacker Quadratini Bite Size Wafer Cookies are available in various flavors: Dark chocolate. Chocolate. Hazelnut vanilla. Coconut. Cappuccino. Tiramisu almond. Lemon. Blackcurrant. Espresso. www.loacker.it.