Namaste Perfect Flour Blnd

Gluten free. Free from top allergens. Certified Gluten free. Nut free. Our products are free from: Wheat. Gluten. Egg. Dairy. Peanuts. Tree Nuts. Soy. Mustard. Sulfites. Sesame. Caseine. Fish. Crustaceans. Shellfish. Whole Grain: 50% + grains entiers 22 g/portions. Non GMO project verified Foods for everyone! Free from the top allergens. One bag - endless possibilities! Namaste's perfect flour has been designed with ease, efficiency and all your favorite recipes in mind. Simply replace the wheat flour in your everyday recipe with the same amount of our flour. Cup for cup, then follow the directions in the recipe. No need to add anything extra. Try all your favorites! Waffles. Cheese crackers. Chocolate chip cookies. Plant based. For more delicious recipe ideas including our fabulous Granny's Gluten Free Bread, visit our website at: Namaste Foods gives back a portion of its profits to charitable organizations of all shapes and sizes. Try all of our seriously tasty sweet and savory foods! BPA free. Product of USA