Rhythm Kale Chips, Organic, Kool Ranch 2 Oz

Snacks Full of Life: What's kooler than cool? Our Organic Kool Ranch Kale Chips take your taste buds on a trip with this snack time fave. Tangy ranch, garlic and dill pack a punch of flavor, without a drop of dairy! They're gently dehydrated under low heat to keep in all of the nourishing Vitamins A and K, minerals and goodness that won't kale your vibe. What moves you? You deserve a snack that tastes as good as it makes you feel. With flavors you crave. With energy you can feel. That's what Rhythm is all about - making delicious, wholesome snacks that bring out the best in you. It's our way of creating a healthier, happier world, one bite at a time. Gently air dried. This package is sold on weight, not volume. Some normal product settling may occur during shipping and handling. Oh, hi there! If you're reading this, you officially made it to the bottom of the bag. We have so much to say, but we're running out of space, so check us out at rhythmfoods.com.