3 MUSKETEERS Minis Size Milk Chocolate Candy Bars, 8.4 Oz Bag

For a satisfyingly fluffy, bite-sized chocolate treat, look no further than 3 MUSKETEERS Chocolate Minis Size Candy Bars. Each 3 MUSKETEERS Chocolate Candy Bar made with a light and fluffy whipped-chocolate center that's enrobed in rich milk chocolate. 3 MUSKETEERS Minis Size Candies are perfect for sharing at home or on-the-go, and they're easy to incorporate into your favorite dessert recipes. 3 MUSKETEERS Candy: the perfect amount of chocolate, fluffy and Musketeer! •Contains one (1) 8.4-ounce bag of individually wrapped 3 MUSKETEERS Chocolate Minis Size Candy Bars •Made with light and fluffy whipped chocolate enrobed in rich milk chocolate •Spread joy when you Stock up the office pantry with chocolate to share with everyone •Use these tasty candy bites to top off your favorite desserts •Fill your candy dish with everyone's favorite minis size chocolate bars