Almond Breeze Almondmilk, Reduced Sugar, Vanilla 0.5 Gl

Vanilla with other natural flavors. Per Serving: 60 calories. 50% more calcium than regular dairy milk-Almond Breeze: 35% DV (450 mg); dairy milk: 25% DV (300 mg) (1 cup of regular milk contains 300 mg calcium vs. 1 cup of almond breeze contains 450 mg calcium). Soy free. Lactose free. Dairy free. Gluten free. This product is: Free of dairy, soy, lactose, cholesterol, peanuts, casein and gluten. Vegan. Free of carrageenan. Excellent source of vitamin D and E. 58% Less sugar than our regular vanilla almondmilk (Almond breeze vanilla almondmilk, 13 g of sugar per serving. Almond Breeze reduced sugar vanilla almondmilk, 8 g of sugar per serving). Non-GMO Product verified. The best almonds make the best almondmilk. For over 100 years, our family of California almond growers has been dedicated to caring for Blue Diamond's almonds. Many of our growers are small families who have been proudly nurturing their orchards for generations. Ken and Jason Chandler Growers for 3 Generations. From the Almond people. Made with real California almonds. Manufactured at plant stamped on package. Produced in a stringent allergen control environment. Taste Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the taste, we guarantee your money back. For specific details, visit Facebook. Find us on Facebook. Smartlabel. Scan here with Smartlabel app for more information. For more recipes visit To learn more, please visit us at or scan product UPC code for SmartLabel page. Questions Or Comments? Write Blue Diamond customer support, PO Box 1768, Sacramento, CA 95812, or call 1 (800) 987-2329. Please include code number found on top of carton with all inquiries. Try them all! Almond Breeze Original. Almond Breeze Vanilla Unsweetened. Almond Breeze Creamer. Pure-Pak. Elopak. Recyclable.