Bakerly Brioche Burger Buns

Free from artificial colors & artificial flavors. No artificial flavors. Per Bun: 6 g sugars; 170 cal. No GMO ingredients. Free from artificial flavors. Free of high fructose corn syrup. Free of bleached flour. Wheat + eggs + butter + milk + savoir faire = the real French brioche. Brioche is the hallmark of France - a bread made with wheat flour, eggs, butter, and milk for an incomparable texture and taste! Our ingredients promise! No high fructose corn syrup. Our delicious brioche! We believe all burgers deserve the perfect bread. This is why our artisan bakers created these deliciously soft and lightly sweetened brioche buns. Made with only the best ingredients, you will find these buns so addictive that you will want to make all of your sandwiches with them! Bon appetit! Check out our complete ingredient no-no list at Authentic French recipe proudly made in the USA.