Bantry Bay Mussel Meats in a Thai Curry Sauce

Bantry Bay Mussel Meats In A Thai Curry Sauce. Premium seafoods. New. Out of shell, cooked & frozen. Ready in 4 mins. Heat & eat. Traditional Thai spices in coconut milk and white wine, with just the right hint of heat. Certified Best Aquaculture Practices®. The responsible seafood choice. Serves 2. Net weight 9 oz (255 g). Serving suggestion: Delicious served over your favorite noodles or rice, with some crusty bread for dipping! Have you tried our other items Bantry Bay Wild Crunchy Clams. Bantry Bay Tilapia Fillet. Bantry Bay Mussels In A Creamy Stout Sauce. Tel. (443) 945-4242, Email: