Baozza! Pizza, Margherita, 2 Pack 2 Ea

Ready in 60 degrees seconds. Pizza tastes better in a Baozza! What's a Baozza? Pizza - with a twist! Baozza combines classic pizza flavor with steamed Chinese buns known as 'bao'. The result is a magical fusion of cheesy, gooey, delicious pizza fillings inside a soft, fluffy bun that's steamed, not baked. Easy to heat and easy to eat, Baozza uses only the finest quality cheeses, meats, slow-cooked sauces and herb-infused dough. The perfect treat that's ready when you are - pizza tastes better in a Baozza! Snacktime. Lunchtime. Nighttime. Anytime. When you're 'craving a little something' time - it's Baozza time!