Blue Bunny Frozen Dairy Dessert, Mint Cookie Crunch 8 Ea

Seize the swirl with Blue Bunny Mini Swirls Mint Cookie Crunch Cones, frozen treats that offer big flavor in a convenient snack-sized cone. Each snack-sized cone is full of the creamy goodness that makes chocolate mint cookies such a classic combination. Mint flavor frozen dessert with a swirl of chocolate fudge gets dipped in chocolate flavored coating, then covered in chocolate cookie crumbles, all inside a chocolate sugar cone. The dipped swirly cue and bonus chocolaty bite at the bottom makes these sweet treats fun to eat from top to bottom. High-quality ingredients go into every batch of Blue Bunny, so you can grab life by the cone. Use mini cones as everyday frozen treats the whole family can enjoy anytime, anywhere. You can even treat yourself and others to these sweet treats as a way to commemorate hitting personal milestones or just to enjoy the moment. These individually wrapped mini cones make it easy to stock up on frozen desserts so you're ready whenever you get a craving. Try every single delicious, unique Blue Bunny frozen dessert, including Twist Cones, a new twist on classic soft serve ice cream cones. Blue Bunny--We Make Fun.