Blue Sky Organic Pasture Raised Eggs

Blue sky family farms. Pasture raised. Raised under blue skies. (All shell eggs are produced without added hormones). 50 acres per flock. 108.9 sq ft per chickens. Perch, dust bathe, scratch, socialize. The best eggs comes in blue. Perch, scratch, dust bathe, a little cock-a-doodle-do at blue sky family farms chickens get to be chickens. Strange but true. Our chickens play outside under skies of blue because only the healthiest, happiest chickens lay eggs good enough for you. So if you're reading this we'll assume that you're an egg connoisseur too because those in the know. Know that the best eggs come in blue. Help make the world a better place, please recycle. Meets the American Humane Certified Standards for Laying Hens - Pasture, which includes a nutritious diet, animals raised with shelter, perching and resting areas, sufficient space and the ability to engage in natural behaviors.