Bob's Red Mill Hulled Millet

An employee-owned company. To your good health. - Bob Moore. Grains-of-discovery. Bob's Red Mill passport to whole grain adventure. Circa - 8000 B.C. The traditional grain of Asia: Has a mild, sweet flavor and quick cooking time. Unique alternative to rice in salads, pilafs and stir fries. Add uncooked millet to bread for extra crunch. Dear friends, At Bob's Red Mill, we're always in search of new whole grain adventures, and grains like millet are more popular than ever. Millet was revered as one of five sacred crops in ancient China, and it may even pre-date rice in the Chinese diet. Today, these super grains are prized for the delicious flavor and texture they add to grain bowls, side dishes, entrees and salads. Try them and you'll see! To your good health, Bob Moore.