Bota Box Syrah

Bota Box technology keeps our premium wines fresh for more than a month after opening. 3 L equal to four 750 ml bottles. The flavor is in the box. Our signature wine, this Shiraz delivers fragrant aromas of plums and dark berries, followed by full, rich flavors of blueberry, blackberry, and spice. It is a well-balanced wine that will pair nicely with grilled meats, slightly spicy foods or rich, ripe cheeses. The perfect wine for real life is now available in the perfect package for real life. Buck the Stigma and Embrace the Box: Our new Bota Box design with state-of-the-art FlexTap technology makes it possible to keep wines fresh for more than a month after opening with no exposure to wine's enemies - light and air. Enjoy premium California wine by the glass whenever you want without worries of waste or spoilage. Drink Premium Wine Anytime, Anyplace: Compact packaging conveniently fits on the counter or in the refrigerator, giving you easy access to premium wine anytime. Bota Box is also portable, allowing you to take it anywhere glass is undesirable. Camping, barbecues, hiking, boating, poolside, the beach, sporting events, picnics, parties - the options are endless. each Bota Box contains the equivalent of four 750 ml bottles, approximately 20 glasses of wine. You get the same premium quality you expect from bottled wine, without paying for extra glass and packaging. Alc 13.5% by Vol.