Bota Mini Nighthawk Gold Buttery Chardonnay 500 Ml

Great wine doesn't need to cost the eath. This Bota Mini has a smaller carton carbon footprint than a 750 ml bottle: 75% fewer greenhouse; 50% less waste; lower fuel emissions thanks to lighter shipping weight. Made primarily from paper, a renewable resource. Buttery Chardonnay. Taste the adventure: nighthawk gold's chardonnay is a rich, buttery portrayal of this classic varietal. Layers of toasted oak, butterscotch and honey combined with a creamy texture and color as radiant as the new dawn, create a one-of-a-kind sensory experience. This distinctive wine is the perfect complement to chilled shrimp cocktail or grilled tarragon chicken. Join our adventures, and share yours! Facebook: Instagram: Pinterest: Twitter: (at)bota_box. Bota Box acolades 50 wine enthusiast best buys over 50 gold medals. Alc 14.5% by vol. Bottle by: Bota Box Vineyards, Lathrop, CA, USA.