Brookside Dark Chocolate, Acai & Blueberry Flavors 7 Oz

Experience the daring and unique combination in BROOKSIDE dark chocolate with acai and blueberry flavors. These smooth, dark chocolate balls are filled with luxurious, untraditional fruity centers made with no artificial colors or flavors. The result is an irresistible combination of tastes that's great as a sweet treat or show-stopping addition to homemade trail mix. When a sharing moment strikes, offer dark chocolate, blueberry and acai treats to please your whole family or work team. The artfully blended exotic fruit flavors in these BROOKSIDE treats come from around the world and offer the ultimate mix for snackers seeking a unique experience. Each little sphere has soft, chewy fruit flavors and smooth, rich dark chocolate with the power to awaken the foodie in you. Ready to enhance your movie nights and perk up your work breaks? Keep a bag of flavorful BROOKSIDE snacks with you wherever the day leads to make sure you can always keep your taste buds happy with delicious, quality fruit and chocolate flavors.