Cape Cod® Russet Kettle Cooked Potato Chips 7.500 Oz

Cape Cod carefully selects premium russets for their slightly sweet and buttery taste. Cape Cod Russet Kettle Cooked Chips start with the pure taste of potato. We take the choice russets and slice them perfectly. Next, they’re cooked in custom kettles at precisely the right temperature, one batch at a time. These chips come in anything from a light to dark golden-brown color, depending on the time the potatoes were harvested. With unique shapes and folds you get one-of-a-kind chips, but they all share the same, wonderful Cape Cod crunch. These delicious, buttery russet kettle chips make a perfect lunchtime side and fit any snacking occasion right out of the 7.5-ounce bag. Our potato chips are known for their high quality and remarkable flavor, so be sure to try all the traditional and distinctly unique varieties. Every distinctive chip somehow feels like an invitation to come savor what's special about Cape Cod Kettle Cooked Chips.