Chobani Yogurt, Low Fat, Vanilla Greek, Tropical Fruit on the Bottom, 4 Value Pack 4 Ea

Value 4 pack. Billions of Probiotics. Live Cultures. Authentically crafted No artificial flavors or sweeteners, no preservatives, no fake fruit, no rBST (milk from rBST-treated cows is not significantly different). A collaboration between Chobani & Unstuck to create jobs for refugees. Refugees can restart their lives when they find work. That's why Chobani is partnering with Unstuck, an initiative that helps create jobs for refugees. 30 million people have been forced to flee their home countries, and getting back to work is the first step to getting back on their feet. The fruit in this product is sourced from suppliers committed to employing Venezuelan refugees in South America. To learn more, visit