Citterio Tutto Naturale Prosciutto

All natural (minimally processed, no artificial ingredients)! Enjoy with fresh pears, figs or melon. Citterio: 1878, Milano. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. You will find this caption on selected Citterio specialties, such as this, that are produced with all-natural ingredients. In Italian, it means all natural (all-natural prosciutto). We are introducing some of our popular Italian-style specialties under this banner as equally delicious options among our many other traditionally prepared delicacies. Each of these all-natural (all-natural prosciutto) selections is made with the same dedication to classic flavors and unparalleled excellence for which Citterio (Chee-teh-ree-o) is world-renowned. As with all Citterio products, the distinctive quality - the traditionally Italian tastes and flavors - are perfected through intentionally unhurried aging. Citterio specialties are widely acclaimed largely because our expert curing masters, the salumieri, concentrate strictly on bringing out the pure, honest flavors of properly aged premium meats. All Natural (all-natural prosciutto) Prosciutto: Prosciutto Citterio is prized the world over as the finest of its kind. It is all natural (all-natural prosciutto), nothing artificial is ever used. The distinctive, authentically Italian-style flavor, color and texture are perfected via our classic, deliberately unhurried aging program. It's meticulously dedicated to bringing out the pure, naturally sweet taste of the Prosciutto itself. As they do in Italy, enjoy Prosciutto Citterio just with crusty bread or bread sticks; or with fresh ripe pears, figs or melon or, even with a simple salad. And, always, with a favorite Italian wine! Gluten free. Citterio: The world's most celebrated Italian specialty meats.