Cutwater Strawberry Margarita

Enjoy Cutwater Strawberry Margarita, a bar-quality canned cocktail containing paradise in every sip. This refreshing blend of our real tequila, strawberry, and natural flavors will transport you to vibrant summer nights. This is one vacation you can enjoy anytime. As you take a sip, the perfect balance between tart strawberry and smooth tequila creates an irresistible flavor that lingers just long enough to leave you satisfied. Cutwater Strawberry Margarita isn't just designed for great taste – this bar-quality cocktail was made for moments when friends and family come together. Whether you want a delicious companion for your next summer barbecue or want to entertain at home, let Cutwater Strawberry Margarita be your go-to getaway whenever and wherever life takes you. Take a sip, savor the taste, and enjoy a Cutwater Strawberry Margarita – no blender required! 10% alc./vol.