Dove Candy, Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel 6.74 Oz

Experience the pure pleasure of DOVE PROMISES Silky Smooth Dark Chocolate and Sea Salted Caramel Candy. Each bite combines the delightful flavors of sea-salted caramel and dark chocolate, creating an irresistible treat. Spread some premium love with friends and family by sharing DOVE PROMISES Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Caramel at your next celebration. Each piece of this chocolate candy assortment is elegantly wrapped in metallic foil, with a hidden message tucked inside. Fill candy dishes, party favors, and goodie bags with these iconic dark chocolates to make every moment extra special. Whether enjoyed as a delightful treat or incorporated into a deliciously simple dessert recipe, these DOVE PROMISES will make you feel indulgent and pampered. Add DOVE PROMISES to your cart today!