Frontera Tortilla Chips, Indigo Blue Corn 10 Oz

Small batch. Authentic Mexican restaurant style stone-ground corn. Non-GMO Project verified. No artificial ingredients. No preservatives. Non-GMO corn. Whole grain. Cholesterol free. No gluten. No trans fat. No gluten ingredients used. Each morning, we grind freshly cooked corn to make dough for our perfectly baked tortillas. Then, we fry those tortillas into crisp, golden triangles and add a sprinkling of sea salt. Our Frontera Indigo Blue Corn Tortilla Chips use the best blue corn from small, organic farms. We love the rich color and irresistibly nutty flavor. Snack of the ancients, snack of the modern world. - Chef Rick Bayless. Award-winning chef of Frontera Grill & Topolobampo, celebrated author & host of public television's Mexico - one plate at a time. From the kitchen of Chef Rick Bayless. Call with comments 800.509.4441 or visit