Heinz Premium Tartar Sauce 12.5 Fl. Oz. Bottle

Heinz Premium Tartar Sauce You dont need to make your own tartar sauce when Heinz Premium Tartar Sauce gives you the taste of home-made in a convenient squeeze bottle. There are no artificial flavorings in Heinz Premium Tartar Sauce, only the great taste of Heinz sweet relish, mayonnaise and other flavorful ingredients blended into the perfect dressing for fish and chips, fish sandwiches and fish sticks. A Tangy Blend of Creamy Sauce Heinz Premium Tartar Sauce complements fish and chips and all seafood meals so its handy to have in your fridge. Squeeze it on breaded fish portions for a traditional style dinner or drizzle it on your fries as a creamy condiment. We think youll agree, you cant make a good fish sandwich without it.